To provide a discernable favor to everyone who works with us by combining our energy of training qualified humanbeing with the customer-oriented boutique service, to provide a qualified service which as taken as example in the sector by gather all the services of the logistics sector under a single roof.

Becoming a world-wide Turkish brand by adding a value to its employees and country and developing continuously.

• Honesty and Ethics • Responsibility • Accountability
• Competition and justice • Mutual respect • Being innovative and self-denying
• The happiness of our employees and customers • Respect toward the local culture and the faiths • Environmental consciousness
• The Sense of social responsibility

All the procedures in the warehouse can be followed and reported momentarily. Thus, the customer systems can send work order simultaneously and can also trace all warehousing processes simultaneously. All our transportation operations are carried out through a web-based software developed by a team of information systems in our structure. Thus, all the transportation mobility can be traced and reported from one point. Due to a special software, the vehicle locations are viewed by means of satellite tracking system impeccably. The system which works with navigation integratedly determines the most correct route for a new course plan. Due to this, savings from time and cost, are provided. Every route and every move is controlled by the center, the customer is informed about the process. A reporting whose routine is once in every half an hour, can be realized in every 90 seconds in line with the customer demand. Due to this technology, by finalizing all the procedures in correct time, the customer demands are met successfully in retrospective analyses. By managing the operation in the most effective way, the varying needs, expectations are met.

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