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Karem Customs Services was established in the year 2012 as a double-partner company with 100% Turkish capital. Since the day of its establishment, our service concept which was mingled with knowledge and experiences, aiming at being peer to peer communication with our customers, has proceeded in the path of being a firm which works as solution-oriented and interprets the legislation in the best way.

Karem Customs Services since the first day until today, investing in its assets and especially its employees continuously, today has become a big family in this journey which it set out with two founder members.

Karem Customs Services which has given service in the field of customs services since the year of 2012, has put a free warehouse in Ambarli again in the same year and in the year 2013, put a bonded warehouse into practice. At the same time, it also incorporates into an indoor warehouse, flammable storage warehouse and an open space general warehouse under the Dilovasi Revenue Office on the Anatolia Side.

Karem Customs Services has reached a wide customer portfolio together with its gradually increasing success in this journey.

In this direction, Karem Customs Clearance, for to give a more qualified service to its customers, provides service in 32 countries of the world with the best quality and price guarantee by its strong partners in international land transport, international container transport and international air transport with its experienced and expert staff.

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